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It's not every day that you come to Bordeaux. Do it right.

Seriously, I have never had the pleasure of meeting a more knowledgeable wine guide than Dewey. I was fortunate to spend some four days with him this year visiting properties in Bordeaux and he not only has an encyclopedic knowledge about everything Bordeaux, but he also is a fun person to chat with. Dewey Markham: Wine guide extraordinaire!


Dewey Markham, Jr. isn't a very Bordelaise name, but the New York-born writer and guide is a renowned expert on the Bordeaux wine industry, and can open doors to the most prestigious châteaux. Markham's wine tours are personalised—and he is a gifted raconteur.

The Irish Times Magazine

The book [1855] has made Markham something of a celebrity in Bordeaux. Châteaux doors open wide at his command, and he keeps busy providing guided tours in French or English that include access to winemaking facilities and tasting rooms that would be off-limits to ordinary mortals.

The Boston Globe

DMjWineworks specializes in tours of the Bordeaux region, drawing on our in-depth knowledge and a deep network of contacts developed over 20 years' residence here. Because this is our home throughout the year, we know Bordeaux in all its seasons and can give you a fuller view of what happens during the entire winemaking cycle before, during, and after your visit.

There are no fixed packages, no pre-set durations or itineraries, and never any charge for château visits. Every tour is custom tailored to the individual needs and interests of each client. Two types of programs are offered:

Private Tours

Group and Corporate Tours

How Château Tours with DMjWineworks Are Organized

DMjWineworks is Dewey Markham, Jr., and all tours are organized and accompanied by Dewey himself. This personalized service means that unlike other companies, we don't have a staff of guides on call—when you book with DMjWineworks you know who'll be showing you Bordeaux: the person whose experience, knowledge, and reputation is presented on every page of this web site.

This also means that when a client books a day or more of château visits, those dates are no longer available to others—DMjWineworks doesn't call in another guide since we simply don't think that you'd have the same experience with someone else. We know that it's crazy to turn away business, but we want you to have the best experience possible.

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